Aluminum Bio-Clean Cleanrooms


Modular Cleanrooms, Inc. designed the Bio-Clean in the early 90’s to specifically meet the growing need for modular cleanrooms in the Medical, Pharmaceutical and IV Compounding markets. Over time, more stringent specifications recommended in USP 797 and USP 800 allowed Modular Cleanrooms, Inc. to improve on the Bio-Clean design. Now known as our Aluminum Bio-Clean, this line of cleanrooms is completely customizable, can be utilized as a free-standing cleanroom, or can retro-fitted to your existing space.

The Bio-Clean cleanroom is a semi-rigid, modular, cleanroom designed around concerns found in the medical industries for microbial contaminants as well as for more stringent airborne particulate requirements found in the Micro-Electronics, Aerospace and Hi-Tech markets. Modular Cleanrooms, Inc., specifically designed the Aluminum Bio-Clean to meet and exceed the standards required in the IV, Home Infusion, and Compounding Pharmacy industries.

Bio-Clean Advantages:
  • Customizable
  • Versatile-Easily expanded or reduced
  • Pre-Fabricated-Quick & Easy Installation
  • Almost 100% Re-usable
  • Self-Contained

Bio-Clean Applications:
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding
  • IV & Home Infusion
  • Micro-Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • E-Juice (Vaping)
  • Cultivation

For more about the new Aluminum Bio-Clean cleanroom be sure to look at our PDF format brochure.

Looking for the original Bio-Clean cleanroom? It's now called the Micro-Clean.


The Aluminum Bio-Clean Cleanroom design emphasizes particle infiltration as well as microbial contamination protection. Our Bio-Clean Cleanroom line can be designed from as low as a Class 10 (ISO4) to a Class 100,000 (ISO8). One of the major advantages of the aluminum Bio-Clean cleanroom is its ability to be designed with Class 100 (ISO5) work zones, eliminating the need (and expense) of a Laminar Clean Bench. Each cleanroom comes completely pre-fabricated for minimal on-site installation and is entirely self-contained.

Our lines of Aluminum Bio-Clean Cleanrooms frames are constructed from 1¾” x 4½” extruded aluminum and are coated with a clear anodized finish. All pieces are pre-cut and snap together. The Bio-Clean cleanroom standard floor base is 1¾”. Additional framing options include custom sizing, colors, and finishes.

Modular Cleanrooms, Inc.’s wall materials are minimum .177” clear acrylic (Plexiglas) panels and are sealed in the aluminum frames with a continuous vinyl strip on both sides to assure an airtight seal. Our Bio-Clean wall panels come in a variety of options ranging from material type to color.

The Aluminum Bio-Clean utilizes a “Uni-T” cleanroom ceiling grid system. This self-supported ceiling grid can free span up to 15’ without the need of addition support from above or below. The ceiling grid components are a 3”x4” extruded aluminum with a white painted finish with gasketing to assure a tight seal to the ceiling tiles, lights and HEPA filters. Uni-T ceiling grid systems is one of the strongest ceiling grids on the market and is approved for use in cleanrooms ranging from ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO 4 (Class 10). In some cases, the Bio-Clean may be better suited with the use of a cleanroom approved, suspended, “T-Bar” ceiling system. Constructed from 1½” x 1½“extruded aluminum, the T-Bar cleanroom ceiling system is available in either a clear anodized or white powder coat finish. Each section is shipped pre-gasketed from the factory with a closed cell gasket.

Our cleanroom ceiling tiles are constructed out of ½” sheet rock, which are covered on the room side with a non-shedding white vinyl. Approved for cleanroom use, ceiling tiles are easily cleanable and are available in variety of different sizes, materials, and finishes to meet all of your cleanroom needs.

Materials of Construction:
  • Extruded Aluminum Framing (Clear anodized finish)
  • Clear Plexiglas Wall Panels
  • Wire Suspended or Self-Supporting Celling Grid (Pre-Gasketed)
  • Standard Manual Door Standard T-8 or LED Light Fixtures
  • Vinyl Covered Sheet Rock Ceiling Tiles
  • Adjustable Exhaust/Return Dampers
  • Fan Powered HEPA Filters

Additional Features & Options:

Modular Cleanrooms, Inc. understands that no two cleanroom are alike, therefore we strive to accommodate your specific needs and requirements. Modular Cleanrooms, Inc. offers a full line of cleanroom components and lab equipment for all your Bio-Clean cleanroom needs.

Additional Options:
  • Additional Aluminum Colors & Finishes
  • Opaque, Aluminum, Tinted, UV Filtering Plexiglas
  • Interior or Exterior Gowning Rooms
  • ISO5 Work Zones
  • IV Shield
  • Pass-Thrus
  • Automatic or Double Doors
  • Continuous Recording Data Loggers
  • Sinks
  • Cleanroom Lab Equipment
  • Snap-Together Electrical System
  • Wall Mounted Pass-Thrus & Cart Pass-Thrus
  • On-Site Installation

Whether you are looking to maintain a low-level of particulates, or need a Bio-Clean cleanroom to meet a more critical classification environment, Modular Cleanrooms, Inc.’s sales and service team all come with hands on knowledge and experience in design and installation. Contact us today or Request a Quote for more information from one of our Cleanroom Experts.

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For more about the new Aluminum Bio-Clean cleanroom be sure to look at our PDF format brochure.

Looking for the original Bio-Clean cleanroom? It's now called the Micro-Clean.

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