Cleanroom Chairs

Cleanroom Chair

Cleanroom chairs are designed to provide operator comfort as well as meet and exceed the critical cleanliness requirements of today's cleanrooms.

  • Customized to fit workers and their tasks.
  • Height adjustment is easily controlled by a soft touch pneumatic mechanism.
  • Lumbar support is standard on upholstered chairs as is a molded foam seat.

Budget style seating is hard surfaced chairs or utility stools. These chairs can be ordered with the options found on the more expensive chairs.

  • Class 10 - 100 chairs are constructed with vinyl sealed to a polypropylene shell and a unrestricted filter is installed in the seat base that traps particles 0.3 microns and larger.
  • Class 1,000 - 10,000 chairs are available for less stringent application. To protect your room from contamination, exhaust ports are covered with the same filter material used on Class 100 chairs.

Available options for most chairs

Cleanroom Chair
  • Narrow 8"x12" backrest with lumbar support
  • Lumbar support pad
  • Ergonomic 18 1/2" x 17" x 3" with four way contour and water fall front Ergonomic 21" x 19" x 3" w/ water fall front.
Seat controls
  • Six-way articulating seat control
  • Float back control for Class 100 and 1,000 only
  • Synchronized seat control Cl 100 and 1,000 only
Bases / Footrings
  • Five legged, Chrome plated with 18" dia. fixed footring or polished aluminum base with 20" dia. adjustable footring.
Casters / Glides*
  • Oversized glide and Non-skid glides
  • Dual wheel polyurethane Caster (Typ. Cleanroom)
  • Self Locking Dual wheel Caster or Dual wheel Casters w/ manual locks Non-marring Conductive Casters.

*May add two inches to overall height.

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