Modular Cleanrooms offers several designs to meet your needs.

Softwall Cleanrooms

The Econo-Tent Softwall cleanroom is an economical and practical approach to portable cleanrooms. Room sizes range from as small as 4'x6' to as large as 30'x30' (larger sizes available). Custom design units 20'x20'x20' on casters. 24'x57' on seismic approve projects. Read more

Hardwall Cleanrooms

The Modular Hardwall cleanroom offers you the best of all worlds, they are easily installed, economically expanded and can be relocated or upgraded as your needs change. Modular Hardwall cleanrooms are considered a more permanent fixed facility and offer a full line of options not normally available on Soft and or Semi-rigid cleanrooms, such as removable walls, clear ceiling spans up to 40’+, walls heights of 20’+, oversized single and double wide doors, high speed roll-up and sliding doors, and load bearing roof desks with A/C mixing plenums.

Modular Hardwall cleanrooms are ideal for any industry requiring a cleanroom, projects sizes have varied from as small as 8’x 8’ to as large as 48’ wide, lengths in the excess of 150’ and finished interior heights of 20’+. Our Modular Hardwall cleanrooms have been installed throughout the Unites States and Europe. Read more

Bio-Clean Cleanrooms (Aluminum)

Newest in our line of modular cleanrooms is the 2nd generation of the popular softwall Bio-Clean (now the Micro-Clean). The Aluminum Bio-Clean was born out of the new requirements of USP 797. Overall performance of both Bio-Clean cleanrooms is identical, but the new Aluminum Bio-Clean has fewer joints, smaller seams and wall panels that are 1/4” thick acrylic or Lexan. When it comes to a modular cleanroom for your pharmacy or manufacturing area it’s as simple as “ABC”. Read more

Micro-Clean Cleanrooms

The Micro-Clean was designed to allow for the medical industries concern for microbial contaminants, as well as airborne particulate matter. The Micro-Clean has been specifically designed as a standard for the IV and home infusion markets. We have installed rooms in pharmacies and hospitals all over the Unites States and in Europe. Read more

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