MAC 10 IQ HEPA Filters

Fan Powered HEPA Filter with a Brain

The Envirco® MAC 10 IQ is the world’s first Smart Fan Filter Unit (FFU). With its built in microcomputer controlled electrically commutative (EC) motor. The MAC 10 IQ is not only smart it is also “GREEN”.
You no longer have to worry about your airflow slowing down from static pressure, filter loading or other local conditions over time. The novel MAC 10® IQ FFU uses a combination of DC motor technology with Envirco’s patented baffling system and forward curve fan to make it intelligent and energy-efficient. This unique combination takes advantage of Envirco’s expertise in FFUs and energy efficiency of (EC) electronically commutative motors. The MAC 10 IQ comes standard with a Universal Digital card that is continually monitoring itself and dynamically adjusts itself to maintain the set airflow (set by you) , compensating for changes in static pressure, filter loading or other local conditions. the preset airflow, giving you piece of mind that you filter is supplying the correct amount of air at all times and under any conditions. The MAC 10 IQ does all this and more while still being “Competitively priced”. The (EC) motor with internal micro-computer provides low energy consumption (235 W @ 90 fpm (0.45 m/s), high performance and long motor life. The IQ utilizes Envirco’s patented VE5® baffling technology, offering the same low sound level (48 dBA) that is a MAC 10 family benchmark.

Other major benefits and advances come standard with the MAC 10 IQ

  • The quietest operating sound level (under 48 dba when set a 90 FPM)
  • Low Amps = Low Watts, which translates into lower heat loads (Typically half of most other brands).

When you combine the low energy consumption and low heatloads, you it means a lower utility and cooling bill which means the IQ can quickly pay for itself in a short period of time (compared to other brands that operate with conventional A/C motors). The Mac 10 IQ does all this and more while still maintaining one of the lowest profiles, with high performance and built-in intelligent control.

Unlike conventional induction motors, the EC motor regulates itself by automatically adjusting its torque and speed. Each MAC 10 IQ includes a digital speed control which provides a constant airflow of 50 – 130 ft/min (0.25 – 0.66 m/s) over a wide range of static pressures.

Fan Powered HEPA Filter with a Brain

The MAC 10 IQ maintains airflow so constantly and consistently that the need for future balancing is greatly reduced. The correlated velocity feature of the digital speed control provides infinite control and fine tuning capabilities for each FFU.

The MAC 10 IQ efficiently and easily maintains set cleanroom air levels, and still exceeds IEST Recommended Practices. With its unique constant airflow feature, the MAC 10 IQ is also an ideal component for mini-environments.

  • EC brushless DC motor with internal microprocessor
  • Digital Speed Control: constant airflow over a wide range of external static pressures
  • Low power consumption FFU at 80 watts
  • Low sound at only 48 dBA
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter: 99.99% @ 0.3 micron
  • 1.00 in. w.g. (250 Pa) of external static capability at 90 ft/min (0.45 m/s) with HEPA filter
  • Forward inclined centrifugal-type fan
  • Walkable plenum (excluding prefilter)
  • Snap-in prefilter; no tools required
  • Meets latest IEST Recommended Practices
  • UL Listed (120 V, 208, 240 V, 277 V) and CE Marked (240 V) units available
  • Various sizes available
  • Infrared Speed Controller: room-side airflow adjustment with a hand-held remote control
  • A/C Collar (12 in. (305 mm) diameter): direct connection to air conditioning supply
  • Knife Edge: easy placement in gel track ceiling grid systems
  • Flow-Thru Light Fixture Provides illumination with minimal disruption of airflow.
  • Ion Bar: neutralizes static charges below the HEPA filter
  • Painted Exterior: Provides a protective finished surface for applications where the unit is exposed to a corrosive environment.
  • Sheetrock Adaptor: Powder coat painted or stainless steel. Spec. Dwg PDF
  • Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter (ULPA) Filter: 99.9995% @ 0.12 micron
  • ePTFE Boron-Free ULPA Filter
  • Monitoring & Control System: on-site or remote monitoring and adjustment from computer terminal.

Additional Options

RSR (Room Side Replaceable Filter)

Allows the Hepa filter to be removed from within the Cleanroom, reducing the risk of exposing your room to contamination. The innovative Gel Seal HEPA Filter eliminates any chance for bypass or leakage around the seal. It allows for quick and easy replacement of the HEPA filter with simple hand tools allowing the filter to drop straight down. Filter replacement can be as quick as 5-8 minutes.

RSRE (Room Side Replaceable Everything)

Along with Gel Seal HEPA Filter, the RSRE also allows for quick and easy replacement of the Motor/Blower assemble. After removing the HEPA Filter, the Motor/Blower unit can be removed with simple hand tools and disconnecting the snap together electrical connections.

Cleanroom monitoring and control system products that have the ability to automatically monitor and adjust the fan filter units (Individually, by Group/Room or Globally). Optional features include an energy saving Hi/LO card, that slows the fan speed down when your room is not occupied saving you energy, A/C cost and quite possibly extending the Hepa Filter life, without effecting the particle counts in the room. (In most cases Particles counts will go down if the room is not occupied and process equipment is not operating)

System level sensors can be monitored (i.e. particle counters, pressure transducers (room pressure) and airflow sensors) by adding them to the network through Envirco’s Interface Modules. The total control systems support digital, high-speed, and analog I/Os for Alarm output, remote standby or BMS (Building Management System) override. Along with BMS system, Envirco offers several wall Mounted Control modules that can control anywhere from a single unit and up 400 Filters. (Currently this system is not available on the MAC 10 LEAC series)


Standard MAC 10 IQ sizes include. (Custom size units are also available)

  • 2 ft x 4 ft – 23.63″ x 47.63″ (600 mm x 1,210 mm)
  • 2 ft x 3.5 ft – 23.63″ x 41.63″ (600 mm x 1,057.5 mm)
  • 2 ft x 3 ft – 23.63″ x 35.63″ (600 mm x 905 mm)
  • 2 ft x 2 ft – 23.63″ x 23.63″ (600 mm x 600 mm)

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