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Available on all of our Cleanrooms

CG System

Applications for CG systems would include cleanroom, pharmaceutical, and hospital industries. Designed with a 1-1/2″ face tee to support HEPA filter systems, CG systems are also available in other sizes such as 15/16″ and 2″. Installation is simplified with a clip assembly requiring no special tools for the attachment of grid components. Choose from a wide selection of module sizes such as 2’x 2′, 2’x 4′, or 4’x 4′. CG systems are available in powder coat white and clear anodized finish.

Technical Information

Factory Applied Gaskets

CG Series gasketing: The standard CG series gasketing is a flexible closed cell polyethylene foam which is cross-linked by means of a unique electron irradiation process. Gasketing is off white in color with excellent chemical resistance; 2# density per cubic foot.

Gasket Size

  • CG-10- 3/32″ x 3/8″
  • CG-15 (standard)- 3/32″ x 15/32″
  • CG-20- 3/32″ x 23/32″

Custom Gaskets

Available with adhesive on one or both sides; polyvinyl, neoprene, polyethylene; anti-bacterial and flame retardant.

Gasket Specifications

Passes fungus resistance test (Method 508.1 mill-std-810C) Flame-resistant (FMYSS #302 with burn rate of 4″ per minute) Shore Hardness (ASTM D-2240) on AA scale is 7; on OO scale is 51, 2# density per cubic foot.


Standard finish is clear satin anodized aluminum which is recommended for harsh environments. High performance powder coat and custom finishes are also available.

Filter Compatibility

CG systems are compatible with all major filter manufacturers.

Light Fixture Compatibility

CG systems require fixtures designed specifically for cleanroom applications.

Available on all of our Cleanrooms

1.1 Introduction

Furnish and install Gordon extruded aluminum grid ceiling systems as manufactured by Gordon, Inc. All material and workmanship shall be of the highest quality; assembly and installation shall be in accordance with Gordon detailed instructions and specifications.

1.2 Description of System

1.2.1 – The Gordon extruded aluminum grid system is an integrated ceiling which has the flexibility of including architectural components, mechanical air handling (supply or return) and lighting fixtures. Designer to select components required and edit this specification to suit job requirements.

2.1 Architectural Components – The 24″ x 48″ modular Gordon framing members shall be extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5. Exposed surfaces shall have a clear anodized white powder coat finish.

2.2 – Gordon Extruded Aluminum Grid Components shall be CG-(10) (15) (20) Series. The 24″ Modular Ceiling Suspension System shall be Gordon, Inc. CG-(10) (15) (20) consisting of a 12′-0″ Main Tee, and 4′ and/or 2′ nominal cross tees, manufactured of extruded aluminum components by Gordon, Inc. All members shall be of standard 6063 T-5 aluminum alloy. Each cross tee shall be factory fabricated for independent aluminum bend-tab clips on each end.

2.3 – Main runners shall be joined together at each end by means of an independent aluminum bend-tab splice member.

2.4 – Cross members shall attach to main runners and other cross runners by means of an independent aluminum bend-tab clip which penetrates and slides through slots in main runners and other cross runners.

2.5 – All grid components of the system shall have factory applied Polyethylene gasket with adhesive on one side.

2.6 – The framing shall comply with ASTM C-635 “Metal Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Panel Ceilings”, with (heavy duty) (light duty) designation.

3.1– Acoustical panels shall be fiberglass or mineral fiberboard of minimum 5/8″ thickness with any number of face designs.

3.2 – Acoustical panels shall have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) in acceptable ranges according to ASTM C-423 as substantiated by independent lab tests.

5.1 – Wall angle to be 12′-0″ long of extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5 and shall be finished to match Gordon extruded grid.

6.1 – Gordon CG-(10) (15) (20) Series Grid shall be installed in accordance with ASTM C-636, “Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Ceilings.”

6.2 – Acoustical panels shall be installed in accordance with the acoustical panel manufacturer’s recommendations.

6.3 – Light fixtures and/or light fixture support frames shall be installed in framing by appropriate trade at locations as designated on the reflected ceiling and electrical plans. Wiring shall be by electrical contractor.

6.4 – Air supply and return components shall be installed in framing by appropriate trade at locations as designated on the reflected ceiling and mechanical plans.

6.5 – Hanger wire to be 12 gauge with appropriate attachment devices for overhead structure.

Cleanroom Ceiling Grids

Ceiling Grid Load Data

System Type Web Height Span Hanger Wire Spacing Spacing of Main Tees Applied Load lb./sq.ft. ASTM
CG-20 2" 48" 24"
CG-15 1-1/2" 24"
CG-10 1-1/2" 42"

Load Data

Load test recommendations outlined in the table above should not be exceeded, nor should the components be deflected more than 1/360th of their span.

A minimum 12 gauge hanger wire should support all four corners of the filter unit or light fixture.

Ceiling Grid Parts

Part # Desc. Mini-Tee
A-Web Depth
B-Exp. Gasket Flange Length Weight per linear ft./w gasket Pieces per carton with gasket Linear feet per carton
CG-10-MT Main Tee 1-1/2" 15/16" 12' 0.18 40 480
CG-15-MT Main Tee 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 12' 0.24 24 288
CG-20-MT Main Tee 2" 2" 12' 0.31 16 192

CG-10-48 Cross Tee 1-1/2" 15/16" 4' 0.18 120 480
CG-10-24 Cross Tee 1-1/2" 15/16" 2' 0.18 120 240
CG-15-48 Cross Tee 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 4' 0.24 72 288
CG-15-24 Cross Tee 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2' 0.24 72 144
CG-20-48 Cross Tee 2" 2" 4' 0.31 48 192
CG-20-24 Cross Tee 2" 2" 2' 0.31 48 96

CG-WA-1 Wall Angle 3/4" 3/4" 12' 0.09 40 480
CG-WA-2 Wall Angle 15/16" 15/16" 12' 0.12 40 480
CG-WA-4 Wall Angle 1-1/2" 15/16" 12' 0.16 30 360
CG-WA-10G Wall Angle 1-1/2" 15/16" 12' 0.19 30 360
CG-WA-15 Wall Angle 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 12' 0.22 30 360
CG-WA-20 Wall Angle 2" 2" 12' 0.3 30 360

Ceiling Grid Accessories

MTS Main Tee Splice One Per Main Tee Mill Finish
CG-2Way 2 Way Clips One per CG Cross Tee Mill Finish
CGHC Hold Down Clips Any Quantity Black Finish
90º Angle Clip 90AC Any Quantity Mill Finish

Standard Modules

Note: Standard 2 x 4 lay-in ceiling fixtures are not compatible with the CG-15 and CG-20 systems.


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