Air Filtration Systems for Offices & Schools

The stringent regulations for cleanrooms cover a wide range of areas to meet the needs of research and production activities that require a special environment. One of the most essential elements of cleanrooms are the air filtration systems that ensure that the indoor air is free of all contaminants and unwanted particles. However, these air […]

Top Five Questions about HEPA Filters for Cleanrooms

The use of proper air filtration equipment is essential for setting up proper cleanrooms. Manufacturers make HEPA filters for cleanrooms that meet the most stringent user regulations, making them suitable for medical or aerospace applications. Adequate filtration of airborne particles is even more important during the COVID -19 pandemic, and this article goes over the […]

Selecting the best cleanroom furniture & supply

In the design of modern cleanrooms, the main focus is usually on the choice of filtration systems, flooring, and walls. In order to maintain the internal cleanliness of your cleanroom, the furniture and accessories used must also be suitable to your requirements. In this article, we will show you which aspects you should consider when […]

What are disposable adhesive floor mats?

Self-adhesive mats are an essential accessory for cleanrooms – indoors or even outside with the protected space. Cleanroom sticky mats are not only sticky on one side, but their most important feature is that the walking surface is sticky, so they can remove dirt from the shoes of those who stand on them. Our article […]

Medical Cleanrooms

Staying on top of the medical market requires companies to be highly flexible, which can only be achieved with controlled environments to work in. Medical cleanrooms have evolved significantly over the past decade and now offer solutions for a wide range of service providers and manufacturers. In this article, you can read our short guide […]

Cleanrooms for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace and defense industries rely on cleanrooms to develop aerospace hardware (delicate electronics, optical devices, and any related equipment or devices). Cleanrooms are fully controlled environments for the production, assembly, and testing of critical products and components. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to aerospace cleanrooms, how to qualify a climate for cleanroom status, […]

Hardwall vs. Softwall Cleanrooms, What’s the Difference?

Controlled environment technology known as Cleanrooms is essential for development and research involving all types of chemicals and medicines. It is vital to build the appropriate structure bases on the application. Modular Cleanrooms has been an industry expert in cleanroom designs in across the country for years now. Cleanroom designs are built to each companies […]