Hospi-Gard IsoClean System

Hospi-Gard IsoClean


The ENVIRCO Hospi-Gard IsoClean offers an ideal and economical solution for professionals combatting the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a negative pressure isolation room that will meet OSHA and CDC TB Guidelines. The IsoClean can be used as a clean air recirculating unit, a negative pressure unit or as a split system to create both negative pressure and clean air recirculation.

Room air, along with airborne contaminants, is drawn into the intake grille at the bottom while the purified air is expelled at a high velocity from the exhaust grille located at the top of the IsoClean, generating a sweeping, lo-to high air circulation pattern with adequate “reach” to optimize a clean zone for patients and/or staff.

The IsoClean is a portable, self-contained high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system that can be rolled from one room to another and easily fits into area with limited space. The flexibility and versatility of the IsoClean makes it an optimal choice for a wide variety of applications such as, hospitals, clinic, schools, nursing centers, waiting rooms, gyms/recreation, and general offices.

The Hospi-Gard IsoClean filter contains 200 square feet of media to extend its usable lifetime before filter loading occurs, resulting in decreased cost and fewer filter changes. Air passing through the HEPA filter is cleansed of 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 micron. The powerful motor/blower can produce 430-710 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to provide a large number of room air changes per hour to minimize the spread of airborne diseases and contaminants.

  • 3-Speed Adjustable Airflow
  • Flexible and Versatile
  • Low-High Clean Air Circulation
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Quite Operation
  • Powerful Motor/Blower
  • IsoClean with ULPA Filter Upgrade
  • Minihelic Pressure Gauge
  • UV-C Sanitizer Available
  • Anti-Microbial or Carbon Prefilters
  • Room Pressure Monitor
  • Keylock ON/OFF Switch
  • Annunciator