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Infinity Cleanrooms

Dear Ross

I just wanted to again say thanks for the help you and your people were to us in the development and building of our clean room. We talked to several companies when we started this project. After the initial conversations with all of them, we quickly narrowed the field to two. It was your thorough knowledge of clean room function and ability to keep the process simple that swayed our decision. Several of your competitors tried to make us believe clean room function is some kind of black magic and that is not the case. Everyone at Rocky Mountain Air/Modular Clean Rooms made the purchase and installation of our clean room a positive experience.

Thanks again!
Scott A. Titzer, P.E.
Vice President




Thank you for taking the time to discuss cleanroom design with me today. You were able to convey the complex issues surrounding pressurization filter configuration and location, exhaust applications and air flow patterns in a very concise and easily understood manner. Our short conversation has allowed me to move forward with confidence, knowing that I am providing my customer with exactly what is required to meet his needs. In addition, your friendly attitude and your genuine eagerness to assist me is a trait that is not often come by in our industry today. Your time and assistance was greatly appreciated.

Christopher D. Morrow
Facilities Engineering

Serving a Global Marketplace

Dear Ross

I am writing to you to express my extreme satisfaction with our recent purchase of a portable cleanroom for our Colorado Springs facility from your company. Despite the extremely tight schedule, which we demanded, you met and exceeded our expectations, by delivering and installing the unit early, necessitating late Friday hours and a Saturday morning completion.

The unit was installed professionally and exactly to specifications. This unit will greatly enhance our operation, providing a controlled transition area into our assembly area, thereby improving quality and reducing overall costs.

For your information, your timely delivery and installation of this portable cleanroom contributed greatly to our successful corporate visit this week.

Thank you for a job well done!

Christopher A. Petryszak
Materials Manager

X-rayTube Products

Dear Ross

Our new softwall cleanroom is now being used by production and is performing extremely well within the design parameters. Although the room was designed for a class 100,000 application, we regularly read the 5-15,000 range. We are very satisfied with the design, construction, cost, and assistance provided in the installation. I would be happy to recommend your system to anyone considering such a purchase. Thanks again for a job well done.

Yours truly,
Ron Johnson
Adv. Manufacturing Technology

Experimental Astrophysics Group

To Whom It May Concern:

I am extremely happy with the services provided by Modular Cleanrooms of Denver, Co. Our laboratory was recently in need of a small cleanroom for assembly of sensitive space-flight detectors. Even though we needed a small, relatively simple cleanroom, and certainly couldn’t count as a large customer to any cleanroom builder, we were still given attentive and complete service, from the initial quotation all the way through the assembly process.

The clean room was delivered in under two weeks, and was assembled and ready to run within eight hours; Modular Cleanrooms understood our tight schedule and worked to meet our deadlines. Furthermore, they were very accessible and knowledgeable, and were happy to address our concerns promptly; they even followed through by calling after the final assembly to make sure everything was working and that we were satisfied with the cleanroom. We now have a working cleanroom that is working at even better levels than we’d specified.

Therefore I am glad to recommend the services of Modular Cleanrooms to others.

Tim Miller
Staff Research Associate
Space Sciences Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley


Dear Ross

This letter is written as a reference for Rocky Mountain Air to anyone who may be considering their services.

I have known and relied on Rocky Mountain Air for about 15 years. Their expertise in high filtration and cleanroom application is extensive and the level of service has always been first rate. I would recommend them to anyone needing these services.

If you have any questions please call.

Very truly yours,
Norman G. Almquist, P.E.


To Whom It May Concern:

Rocky Mountain Air of Denver helped me design, build, and supply my pharmacy cleanroom. The work requested met my schedule from beginning to end and was completed to my satisfaction. The people I worked with were competent, efficient, courteous and professional. I would not hesitate to use Rocky Mountain Air for another project and I highly recommend this company if your business or company has decided to build a cleanroom. If I can be of further help, please do not hesitate to call me.

Very sincerely,
Jerry Eubanks, Registered Pharmacist
Pharmacy Resources Incorporated




Ross thanks for the quality cleanroom and office module your company provided to Praxair Surface Technologies Inc. Not only were your products of the utmost quality, you’re timely delivery and expert installation exceeded our expectations. This along with the savings we acquired by choosing your product allowed me to complete my project ahead of schedule and under budget. I have to say I was somewhat suspicious of your low prices because I feel you get what you pay for. Your pricing was almost half of that charged by some of your competitors. Having been involved with the installation of cleanrooms by other companies, I can say your product is the best I have seen, and for the least amount. I hope that if the opportunity arises we will be able to do business again.

Chris Mathis
Manufacturing Engineer
Praxair Surface Technologies
Indianapolis, IN


Dear Potential Clients of Rocky Mountain Air,

Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the staff at Rocky Mountain Air on six cleanroom installations, ranging in size from 250-1000 ft. Each installation was located in a different state, and required cooperation between various general, mechanical, and electrical contractors. Throughout each of the installs, and in spite of all of the different contractors and local and federal ordinances, Rocky produced a product that looked professional, functioned properly, installed timely and completed within the given budget parameters.

I highly recommend Rocky Mountain for any size job requiring these installations.

Best Regards,
Jeff Seabolt
Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services
Community Based Operations

Kinetic Systems, Inc.

Dear Ross

I am writing at the conclusion of construction of the above referenced cleanroom to provide you with feedback. The effort of you and your staff during the fabrication, erection and certification of our new cleanroom was exemplary.

As you know, we are now operational in the cleanroom. Thank you for making the additional trip out to Portland to verify performance. I look forward to working with you in the future, and will recommend Rocky Mountain Air to my associates.

Very truly yours,
Harold D Bray, Jr.


FACS Facility Services, Inc.

Dear Ross

I thought it was important to give you an update on the Modular Cleanoom we purchased from you. Our customer, the end user, is very satisfied with the fit, finish and the performance.

We were impressed with the ability of your crew to erect the structure in such a short period. Your company’s ability to totally assemble a brand new out-of-the-box 850 square foot, class 1000 clean room and re-erect the customer’s relocated cleanroom in less than 5 days was truly phenomenal.

The modular snap together wiring system was a big contributor to a speedy assembly and holding on-the-job electrical cost to a minimum. It was an option I am glad we purchased.

The air return/mixing plenum design is meeting temperature control expectations. The customer really likes the built-in expandability designed into the room that allows them to expand in two directions as business dictates.

I appreciate how hard your office staff worked on the few problems that did occur. Any company can look good when the job goes smoothly. Your people gave 150% to solve the problem with the HEPA shipment and the box of clips that got lost. It is not until a problem occurs that the customer knows whether a company believes and practices customer satisfaction or that it is just a slogan.

As to your cost per square foot, your company is very competitive for modular cleanrooms. Rocky Mountain Air is at the top of my bid list for our next cleanroom project.

Please feel free to use this letter as a reference for your prospective customers. We will recommend you and your company to anyone and can assure you that as the need arises we will be calling on you again.

Rob Adair
Vice President North Texas Operations



We are writing to both thank and commend your company for the extraordinary service and effort that went into the manufacture and installation of our new ‘Soft Walled” Class 10 cleanroom. To have an installed and operating system two weeks from the time of purchase was an order of magnitude more responsive than your competition could offer and beyond our expectations.

Thank you again for your efforts.

Michael D. Griffin
Technology Team Manager


Dear Ross

Thank you for being a part of our successful endeavor in the construction of two showcase manufacturing facilities. It was a pleasure to work with you! The concern you exhibited for our budget and schedule matched ours and was truly appreciated. These new facilities are expected to take SCP Global Technologies well into the future.

You can depend upon us to be salesmen for M.C.R. for years to come! Thank you again for contributing to the success of our venture.

Rob Cain
New Facilities Program Manager

Mark Peterson


Memorial Hospital

Dear Ross

This letter is a short note to bring you up to date about the flex-wall cleanroom that was installed by you in December of 1993. We have had no problems since the installation with any of the equipment or cleanroom. We have been cleaning the plastic walls with detergents and bactericidal cleaners since day 1 and so far the walls show no signs of fading, clouding, scratching, etc… The automatic hand dryer has worked smoothly as has the automatic faucet. The HEPA filters are performing perfectly, we just had the room certified and the average particle count was “2”!! We have not found any inanimate surface positive growth cultures for over a year, which is not surprising with a particle count of 2. The cleanroom certifier comments each time he is in that the cleanroom is by far the best that he has seen so far. We have had one JCAHO inspection so far, that was in January of 1994 from the HOME IV side of JCAHO. At the time the HOME IV standards were more stringent than the hospital, and the surveyor was very impressed with our cleanroom. We are due for another JCAHO inspection this July from the hospital side and believe me, the cleanroom and its operation is the least of my worries!

I continue to highly recommend your product and services. If I would have to purchase another flex-wall cleanroom, (and I may), Modular Cleanrooms is my first choice.

Roger Rose RPh
Director of Pharmacy Services


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