In the design of modern cleanrooms, the main focus is usually on the choice of filtration systems, flooring, and walls. In order to maintain the internal cleanliness of your cleanroom, the furniture and accessories used must also be suitable to your requirements. In this article, we will show you which aspects you should consider when choosing furniture and equipment for your cleanroom.


The most common cleanroom furniture


The choice of furniture for the cleanroom depends on the activity that will be carried out in it. Each piece of furniture has a different cleanroom standard, so the materials used in the room and the requirements of the activity will determine which table, chair, or shelving system is the most suitable. Typically, these three types of furniture are present in most cleanrooms, while the tools are mainly used to clean and keep the area clean.


There are many surface options for your cleanroom, including cleanroom tables, but workbenches and workstations are also popular cleanroom furniture. In cleanroom design, workbenches, workstations, and tables are often interchangeable, and the furniture itself could be used for a variety of purposes, but they do have some small differences that could make a better choice for you.


In today’s cleanrooms, chairs must provide comfort to the operator and meet or exceed stringent cleanliness requirements. A filter in the seat of Class 10-100 chairs captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, with the vinyl sealed with a polypropylene shell. Class 1,000-10,000 chairs are also available for less stringent requirements, and the best option is to use the same filter material used on Class 100 chairs to cover the exhaust vents to prevent contamination.


Important aspects of how to choose the right cleanroom furniture and supplies



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