Self-adhesive mats are an essential accessory for cleanrooms – indoors or even outside with the protected space. Cleanroom sticky mats are not only sticky on one side, but their most important feature is that the walking surface is sticky, so they can remove dirt from the shoes of those who stand on them. Our article will show you what you need to know about sticky mats and how you can use them in cleanrooms.

What are disposable adhesive floor mats?

Our adhesive floor mats (or sticky mats) are a crucial component of your cleanroom that is often overlooked. Unfortunately, regardless of how well you protect the air inside a cleanroom, foot-borne contamination can also enter this critical environment and compromise the research results, data collection or test, or the super-clean equipment you’ve just put together.

In cleanrooms, we often use a wide range of equipment and solutions to keep contaminants out of the area and keep the environment clean to the required industry standard. For example, tacky cleanroom mats are a quick-to-apply solution to hold dirt on shoes and the underside of items brought into the cleanroom. They can be used to create a walking surface that meets your needs quickly, and they can be replaced after use, even several times a day.

Modular Cleanroom’s tacky mats are made from thin layers of polyethylene film coated with adhesive. With the adhesive backing, the rug is secured to the floor and resists adhesive transfer. It also prevents sheet-to-sheet delamination, distortion, and slippage. For quick and easy maintenance, the cleanroom rollers have thirty removable, numbered sheets. Mat is not framed and is affixed to the floor with its full-width backing.

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How to use sticky cleanroom mats?

There are thirty layers of sheets, allowing for multiple uses. As tempting as it is to rip off the top sheet, this may cause particulates to fly into the air and affect the cleanroom. As a result, there is a greater risk of static electricity. To prevent much dust and dirt from flying, locate the tab on the old sheet and slowly pull up, rolling the old sheet into a ball as you go.

If your goal is to build a cleanroom that meets the highest requirements, the team at Modular Cleanrooms is at your service. In addition to our products meeting industry standards, we are also happy to work with you on cleanroom design and testing. Call us today!