If you operate a retail store, restaurant or a commercial facility and want to make sure everyone inside is safe, you need to use an indoor HEPA filter for COVID like the Envirco Mac 10.

To know why having this technology is a must, what it does, and which filter is best in the market and most effective against coronavirus, read this guide till the end. That said, let’s dive right in:

Do You Need to Filter the Indoor Air of Your Commercial Property?

A question that’s the basis of confusion and skepticism among the global population; do air purifiers even work for coronavirus? Well, the concern is legit, and that’s because this disastrous ball of spikes (that’s how the COVID virus looks like) is around 0.1 microns. This is too small for the air filter to register and kill.

However, here’s the good news, the highest-rated HEPA filter can kill COVID viruses if passed through it multiple times. According to MD Anderson, if the virus is passed through the HEPA filter multiple times, it can kill a big chunk of viruses – up to 99.97%.

Now, if we take this in information and apply it in a commercial setting, whether retail stores, factories, or warehouses, then it’s not difficult to make it work. Everyone inside the property will be wearing masks and using sanitizers, so the viral particles in the air will not be able to get to them quickly. This will allow the filters with enough time to pass the coronavirus particles two to three times through them and eventually kill them.

So, the bottom line is; you NEED a HEPA filter, especially the Envirco Mac 10 (more on this later), for killing the viruses, purifying the indoor air, and ensuring your employees and customers stay safe.

So, What’s a HEPA Filter?

If you’ve read the guide till now, then you may be wondering, what is this HEPA filter thing? It stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. This simply means it can absorb very small microscopic particles that regular air filters cannot. Therefore, they are better at cleaning the air.

Keep in mind, HEPA is not a brand name – it’s a measuring standard that gauges the efficiency level of a filter when it comes to absorbing and trapping particles. For a filter to be HEPA, it needs to trap at least 99.97% of the particles as small and uncatchable as 0.3 microns, as stated by EPA U.S.

So What Are These Filters Made Of?

Different HEPA filters are made of different materials, some from vegetal fibers, and some from coarse glass, synthetic foams, or even animal hair.

The material from which a particular filter is made is tangled on purpose to form a compressed sheet like a paper, which is then pleated to make a surface area.

HEPA Filter COVID Edition – Which One’s the Best?

Now is the real deal, the topic you actually need to go through with full attention. You already know HEPA is just a generic name, there will be many brands using it with their own products, but you need to know which rating you need to ensure those COVID viruses are taken care of.

To understand this clearly, we need to take a look at the rating system of HEPA. It’s done on a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale.

Based on the above-mentioned ratings, the last one, MERV 18, is the best HEPA filter for COVID. And Envirco Mac 10 uses the same filter, making it the most effective against coronavirus.

Let’s Talk More About Envirco Mac 10:

The Mac 10 is the first FFU (Fan Filter Unit) that uses low sound technology, so you won’t hear that buzzing fan noise inside closed spaces. Furthermore, it runs on low energy using only 310 watts which will also keep your energy bills at bay.

The best part of using the Mac 10 HEPA filter is its ability to filter up to 99.9995% of the air pollutants and viruses as small as 0.12 micron size, which is closest to the size of COVID i-e 0.1 micron.

Another thing that makes Envirco Mac 10 the best HEPA filter for COVID is the on-site remote monitoring and management system that comes as an optional feature. With this, adjusting fan speed is a breeze (no pun intended).

Keep in mind; the Envirco Mac 10 is also one of the expensive air filters. But the cost is justified because of the incredible features and highest safety standards it brings to the table.

Parting Words:

For bigger facilities, custom configurations and sizes are available for the Envirco Mac 10 HEPA filter, making it the most versatile and flexible air purifier on earth. You will be able to secure your commercial and retail space and ensure every single person inside is not at risk of contracting the virus.

Furthermore, using this kind of technology will show you care for your workforce and the clients, and this will result in more business for you. People want to feel safe and valued, and seeing businesses like you taking the best safety measures will definitely compel them to work with you.