MAC 10 Original Hepa Filters

MAC 10 Original HEPA Filters

MAC 10 Original

The Envirco® MAC 10 is the original modular, self-powered, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter ceiling grid module. Since its debut, it continues to lead the way with constant improvements and innovations. Known for being the quietest modular ceiling unit available, the MAC 10 is built to last with quality construction and innovative, patented technology.

MAC 10 HEPA Filter graphicThe MAC 10’s modular design fits conveniently into 2’x4′ T-Bar drop ceilings. The standard MAC 10’s low profile of less than 13″ also permits installation into tight ceiling spaces. Plus, threaded corner inserts provide convenient attachment of seismic hangers. In addition to the standard MAC 10 2’x4′, there are other MAC 10 sizes to choose from. These sizes accommodate various ceiling layouts and permit convenient sprinkler penetrations.

Now Even Better

We’ve beat our own record again. Now the standard MAC 10 2’x4′, with optional speed control, tests below NC 45 at 51 dBA measured 30 inches from the filter set at the rated flow of 90 FPM.*

It is the only low profile fan filter unit that has achieved such a low noise level at 90 FPM. That’s because the patented VE5 baffling system gives the MAC 10 uniform airflow and absorbs sound, contributing to its low noise levels.

Only the MAC 10 is a MAC 10. No other fan filter unit is quite the same. The patented technology and quality construction make it the best value available worldwide.

*Digital control or Solid Speed Controller option required.

MAC 10 Options

The following options are available on all MAC 10 standard and RSR models. Choose the options you need to customize any size MAC 10 for your specific application.

RSR (Room Side Replacement)

Allows the filter to be removed without removing the fan housing. ISO drawing: RSR ISO PDF

Gel Seal Filter

Eliminates the potential for bypass leakage.

277 Volt - 60 Hz and 220 Volt - 50/60 Hz Motors

Allows for power wiring efficiency and worldwide applications. CE approved.

Power Cord

Provides convenient plug-in connection for non-permanent applications.

Solid State Speed Control

Permits speed adjustability for various applications while saving energy and extending filter life. (Speed control is a standard feature on the MAC 10 2×2′, 2’x3′, 2’x3.5′).

10" (25.40 cm) or 12" (30.48 cm) Diameter A/C Collar

Allows direct connection to A/C supply. (Prefilter is deleted with this option.)

Fluorescent Light

Provides illumination with minimal disruption of airflow.

Ion Bar

Neutralizes static charges below the HEPA filter.

Painted Exterior

Provides a protective finished surface for applications where the unit is exposed.

Sheetrock Adaptor

Powder coat painted or stainless steel. Spec. Dwg PDF

ULPA Filter

Removes particles 0.128 micron or larger at 99.9995% efficiency for critical applications.

Airflow Indicator Light

Monitors unit operation.

Challenge Port

Permits convenient aerosol challenge and HEPA filter testing.

MAC 10 Original Standard Fan-Powered HEPA Filter Module Specifications

1.1 – The self-powered ceiling grid module (ENVIRCO Model MAC 10 2’x4′) will be of modular design, allowing fit in a standard 2’x4′ T-bar ceiling grid geometry. (2’x2′, 2’x3′, and 2’x3.5′ sizes also available). The unit can be sized to fit any grid you are using.

1.2 – Total height of the complete unit (excluding optional accessories) shall be less than 13″ (33.02 cm).

1.3 – The fan/filter module will be U. L. listed (507 Air Filter).

2.1 – The sound level shall be approximately 53 dBA with optional speed control (measured no more than 30″ (76.20 cm) from the filter face), with the fan delivering an average air flow velocity of 90 FPM (.45 m/s). (Ambient sound level less than 45 dBA.)

3.1 – Construction

3.1.1 – Total weight of the standard (2’x4′) unit, excluding accessories shall be less than 65 lbs. (29.55 kg).

3.2 – Prefilter

3.2.1 – The unit will be furnished with a 16″ x 23″ 1/4″ x 1/2″ (40.64 cm x 59.06 cm x 1.27 cm) – 30% (20PPI) polyurethane foam, washable prefilter (deleted with A/C collar option).

3.3 – HEPA Filter

3.3.1 – The final (HEPA) filter will be factory tested and rated 99.99% efficient in removal of particles 0.3 micron and larger; leak free in accordance with the latest I.E.S.T. Recommended Practices.

3.3.2 – The filter face guard will be epoxy-coated expanded steel.

3.3.3 – Optional ULPA Filters (rated 99.9995% at .128 micron) are also available.

3.4 – Fan/Motor

3.4.1 – Power requirements: 115 Volt – 1 Phase – 60 Hz (other voltages available).

  • Low Speed – 2.5 Operating Amps
  • High Speed – 3.2 Operating Amps
  • Full Load Nameplate Amps = 4.5 – 220 50/60 Hz (for Europe and Asia).

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